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This collaborative project explores the development of ideas and communications techniques that relate to aesthetics, creative expression, critical analysis and, broadly, environmental issues and themes.

  • Noting that the positivist science/information framework of many good environmental projects has not yielded great results in slowing or stopping a variety of problems (global warming, over fishing, water shortages, etc.), artists, writers and other interested parties (math? computer science?) do have skills to contribute that will perhaps help to increase awareness, empathetic thinking and feeling, and action.

  • Noting that corporate news formats are more interested in advertising than conservation, and therefore consumerist excess rather than environmentalism, a collaborative, persistent alternative information ecology is necessary.

  • Noting that people in advanced industrialized nations have the resources to address problems that affect others on the planet who are in a struggle for their lives, the moral case for doing something is clear.

  • Noting that the global Internet provides an excellent infrastructure for a communications system that is relatively inexpensive, it seems likely that some institutions will be willing to contribute to the moderate resources needed to continue our work.

  • Noting that we have already established a network of talented artists and interface designers, we have a nucleus of people who together can produce interesting artifacts fairly quickly.

We are individuals who will undoubtedly want, in some cases to note our involvement in group projects, but the products of our labor here will be identified as a work of the Transnational Temps. The recognition politics of the art world are a problem in collective action of this type. For this reason, members of this group must not think of themselves as directors or curators. Consensus needs to be respected. Dissent needs to be respected.

If you would like to participate, don't hesitate to contact us
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